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MrLogano MrLogano4 months ago
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Another little update:

The server is now using BungeeCord. This was used in the past on this server to link together multiple servers. Those who have been here long enough may remember how that works. It linked a Hub server with Survival, Creative, Factions, and Minigames.

There have been alterations to that set up this time around though, as we no longer have a Hub server, nor do I plan to include one. The Towny server is the main (Hub) and any other server is connected from the Towny server.



MrLogano MrLogano4 months ago
139 1

Hey there,


This is just a quick update, but you can now join the server using different versions of Minecraft. This means that you don't have to be using the same version as the server, meaning that you should be able to join from 1.16 while the server is still on 1.15.2.

To avoid too many missing blocks / items (which are shown as alternative blocks / items) I have limited the oldest version of Minecraft at 1.13. The oldest version may be changed as newer version of Minecraft come out, to ensure that you are not missing out on newer features etc. The idea here is to allow for older shaders / resource packs without having to wait for the latest update before you can use them again.


MrLogano MrLogano4 months ago
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Evening all,

I carried out a small update on the server earlier as I work towards an upcoming major update. Since I can't really hide it anymore, I will go into a little more detail surrounding this major update, and what it means for the server.


Custom World:

A few people have already stumbled across this, but a new world has appeared on our Dynmap. This world is part of an upcoming major update, which will see a new Custom world added to the server. This world has a slightly smaller radius, but was pre-generated using EpicWorldGenerator. You can see more detail of this map looking on Dynmap

MrLogano MrLogano5 months ago
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Just a quick one for the server, as I can now announce that the error affecting permissions is now resolved. If you were not aware, the issue meant that if you had commands with a rank, such as /feed, you would lose access to that command when you ranked up. Fortunately all ranks inherit from the Default rank, so it was only staff permissions, and those given in rankups affected. I have now fixed rank inheritance, so all ranks now correctly inherit all your rankup commands / perks.

Other Fixes:

In a raft of other fixes to the server, the following have also been addressed.


MrLogano MrLogano5 months ago
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Evening all!

I have finally resolved the email issues which have been plaguing the website since I moved it to our dedicated server. This now means that user registration will now be successful, as validation emails are now sent to user email addresses as required. This will also apply to emails sent from the website for lost passwords!

As a side note, I should point out that I have removed all existing accounts, so anyone who had previously tried to register should do so once again. This will ensure you get that confirmation email sent out, and remember to check your junk email just in case!


Next Steps:

As these issue...