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MrLogano MrLoganoabout 1 month ago
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Just a quick one for the server, as I can now announce that the error affecting permissions is now resolved. If you were not aware, the issue meant that if you had commands with a rank, such as /feed, you would lose access to that command when you ranked up. Fortunately all ranks inherit from the Default rank, so it was only staff permissions, and those given in rankups affected. I have now fixed rank inheritance, so all ranks now correctly inherit all your rankup commands / perks.

Other Fixes:

In a raft of other fixes to the server, the following have also been addressed.


MrLogano MrLoganoabout 1 month ago
60 1

Evening all!

I have finally resolved the email issues which have been plaguing the website since I moved it to our dedicated server. This now means that user registration will now be successful, as validation emails are now sent to user email addresses as required. This will also apply to emails sent from the website for lost passwords!

As a side note, I should point out that I have removed all existing accounts, so anyone who had previously tried to register should do so once again. This will ensure you get that confirmation email sent out, and remember to check your junk email just in case!


Next Steps:

As these issue...