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Another little update:

The server is now using BungeeCord. This was used in the past on this server to link together multiple servers. Those who have been here long enough may remember how that works. It linked a Hub server with Survival, Creative, Factions, and Minigames.

There have been alterations to that set up this time around though, as we no longer have a Hub server, nor do I plan to include one. The Towny server is the main (Hub) and any other server is connected from the Towny server.


What does this mean?:

This allows us to connect servers our servers together. Since we use a dedicated host for our server, we can create multiple servers on the same host. As of right now, there are three servers. One for Towny, which is the main server. Another one is our development server, and the third one is a small one running BungeeCord. 

When you join the server, you will connect to BungeeCord, which will then redirect you to the Towny Server. You will not be able to connect directly to any of our servers, as they only allow IP's from BungeeCord (local You will still be asked to login to the server, but once you are logged in, you will remain logged in while in the network. For example, if I went to the Development Server for an hour, and then returned... I would be still logged in, so wouldn't have to log back in.

The tablist was updated to reflect multiple servers, which means it will appear differently. This is not yet finished, so I have added a little work in progress sign at the bottom. This tab list will show you who is where, but I may change the layout to better reflect those changes.

If you encounter any bugs, please inform me ASAP.



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