Permission Issue Fixed
Started by MrLogano


Just a quick one for the server, as I can now announce that the error affecting permissions is now resolved. If you were not aware, the issue meant that if you had commands with a rank, such as /feed, you would lose access to that command when you ranked up. Fortunately all ranks inherit from the Default rank, so it was only staff permissions, and those given in rankups affected. I have now fixed rank inheritance, so all ranks now correctly inherit all your rankup commands / perks.

Other Fixes:

In a raft of other fixes to the server, the following have also been addressed.


Changing your name with /nick now works as it should. DeluxeChat was taking player names, rather than player nicknames. You can still see proper names in the hover popup in chat. 


Player Balances

I have now completed the transfer of old balances from the backup I made. As there was a large number of players on the list, I ignored anybody with the default balance or less. If you did not receive anything, you did not have anything listed, or it was already paid out prior to the completion of the list.



The server was locked up due to connection issues to our database. This was resolved, and the server plugins were updated during the downtime. The world map, and towny database was also backed up as a precaution.



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