Server Rules

To ensure the smooth running of the server, players should adhere to the following rules. We want to have a calm, respectable environment for all players to enjoy while they play Minecrafting, and the rules below are designed to achieve that. Players who consistently break our rules will be warned in-game, and may be dealt more severe punishments.


Players who continue to disrespect the rules WILL be banned.


You SHOULD NOT do any of the following;

- Use client side mods or hacks -

- Abuse dupes or glitches -

- Grief other Towns / Players -

- Continually harass other Players -

- Spam the chat, especially the General channel -

- Build in banned areas, such as Nether roof -

- Excessively swear in chat -

- Use racial slurs, or other offensive language -

You SHOULD do the following;

- Treat other players with respect -

- Cooperate with staff at all times -

- Report suspicious activity to Staff -

- Report any bugs to Staff -

Final Note

Should you receive a ban from the server, you may appeal it. However, you must do so in our Ban Appeals, and it will be considered by the Server Staff. Being threatening or abusive in your appeal will result in an automatic refusal to overturn your ban. As always, the best way to avoid being banned by our server, is to follow our rules, and play nice with others!