Minecrafting Network

Since launching in 2013 as a private server, we have taken our experience and built a server we can be proud of. Minecrafting is built upon a solid foundation, that allows us to give you a much better game experience.

Dedicated Server

We're hosted on a dedicated game server, supercharged with NVMe storage!

Small Community

We may be small, but we work hard to give our players a much better experience in-game.

Always Online

Our server has a 99.9% Uptime, so you'll be playing whenever you want!

Amazing Events

We've got plenty of events in store for you, take part and win!

Towny Sponsor

We're a proud sponsor of the Towny Plugin, supporting the developer LlmDl.


We're on Discord! Join our server for the latest news and events.

Our Servers

Each server in the Minecrafting Network has a unique feature that sets it apart from the rest. Whether you wish to play in a single server, or take advantage of our cross server permissions to play in more. The choice is yours to make!


Jump into the massive world of Orion. This server was launched in 2018, and its main features include Towny, and mcMMO. Use jobs to earn enough money to start your own town, and create a sprawling metropolis with your friends! Don't forget to check out your progress in our dynmap, and watch as your town develops! With this massive vanilla world, you will never be short on space, so build in confidence!

Dynmap Wiki
Orion Server


Experience the breathtaking view of our custom world in Rigel. Thanks to the power of the EpicWorldGenerator plugin, you can experience smooth rolling hills, or even visit custom biomes such as volcanoes, and bonsai forests. Rigel is built upon the proven Orion server, with the custom world being the main feature. So if you fancy a change of scenery, why not give Rigel a visit.

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Rigel Server


Get ready for the latest addition to the Minecrafting Network. Mintaka is being prepared for the release of Minecraft 1.17, and will allow you to experience the new caves first hand. To boost its survival server credentials, Mintaka will use a slightly different server setup to give you a much more vanilla experience. You will really be in the wild here!

Mintaka will arrive in the winter of 2021!

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Mintaka Server

Vote for Us

Voting is extremely important to a small server like Minecrafting, as we are unable to pay for expensive adverts. To help us out, the best thing you can do is vote for us! Don't worry though, in return for each vote, we will give you a token. You can redeem these in our token shops, for access to convenient commands, and other cool features.

Meet the Staff

Every server needs staff, and Minecrafting is no different. Keep an eye out for our staff in-game, and don't forget to say hello! If you have any problems, you can always ask an online member of staff. If they are unable to help, they will get in contact with another member of staff who can.


The owners are are responsible for keeping Minecrafting online. They pay the monthly hosting fees, and maintain the back-end server. If something serious happens, they will be the ones working behind the scenes to fix it. Thanks to their experience, the server is built upon a solid foundation, and has backups created weekly should something go wrong.






Should you have problems with a player, our administrators are on hand to investigate, and help resolve the issue. They also have the power to observe other players, and will make sure everyone is playing by our rules. If you suspect a player is breaking our rules, don't forget to take screenshots, and alert a member of staff.




Having trouble with our commands, or looking for a few pointers? You can ask one of our moderators. They can point you in the right direction, and help you to get settled in the server. In the absence of other staff, they also monitor the server, and report any issues back to the Owners.